Immaculate Conception School is beginning a period of transformation. The creation of a new
Immaculate Conception School Commission (School Board) has given us an energized
foundation from which to innovate and explore. Immaculate Conception School remains a place
where the whole child is valued and formed. It is enhancing this position by implementing new
ideas and better expressing its identity. The Immaculate Conception School Commission’s
wisdom and vision is becoming more and more evident.

Commission Members

  • Fr. Steven Clemence, Pastor
  • Fr. Przemek Kasprzak, Parochial vicar
  • Mr. Pablo Martinez, Principal
  • Mr. Jefferson Clavel, Academic Coordinator
  • Mr. David Ringland, ICSPA President
  • Mr. William Downey
  • Mr. Sean Faye
  • Deacon John Nicholson
  • Mr. Stephen Hanley
  • Mrs. Delma Josephson
  • Mrs. Erin McQuaid
  • Mrs. Margie Saez
  • Mr. Antonio Enrique
  • Mrs. Mariana Fontoura
  • Mrs. Sarah Matijevic
  • Mrs. Tracy Carter