• Physical Education

    To guide students in the process of becoming physically active for life
    Promote motor skill development and physical fitness
    Provide opportunities for goal setting, making new friends and stress reduction
    Promote understanding, respect and tolerance for all
    Emphasize learning in all three...

  • Music & Art

    The goal of arts education for children is to develop and sustain the natural curiosity, expressiveness and creativity. Arts education has a foundation in exploration, experimentation and discussion as paths to understanding.

  • Math – Early Childhood

    PS – Children’s daily activities help shape the foundations of mathematical understanding.

    PK – Focuses on developing an understanding of whole numbers to 10, concepts of one-to-one correspondence and counting, along with recognizing two-dimensional...

  • Math – Elementary

    Grade 1 – Focuses on understanding math and it application in their daily lives.
    Grade 2 – Explore, develop and understand mathematical concepts including abstract thinking.
    Grade 3 – Builds on Math skills and introduces to more...

  • Math – Middle School

    Grade 5 – Focuses on learning a combination of computation and problem solving skills.
    Grade 6 – Engages students in a comprehensive, well-balanced array of mathematical processes
    Grade 7 & 8 – applies algebraic concepts to geometry,...

  • Language Arts – Early childhood

    PS – Young Children are rapidly acquiring language, experimenting with verbal sounds and beginning to use language to solve problems and learn concepts.
    PK and K – Students should demonstrate increasing understanding in all domains of language use,...

  • Language Arts – Elementary

    Grade 1 – To offer a complete integrated literature, language and phonics based reading curriculum
    Grade 2 – To explore, develop and understand language concepts.
    Grade 3 - An integrated approach that combines phonics, reading, grammar,...

  • Language Arts / Literature

    Grade 5 – To foster growth in the areas of vocabulary, grammar, writing and reading along with the reinforcement of penmanship skills.
    Grade 6 - 8 – Focuses on further development of reading and writing skills as well as continued mastery of vocabulary and...

  • Spanish

    From PreSchool to 8th Grade, Spanish students learn to converse in Spanish through vocabulary, songs and reading. In addition, the students learn about Spanish culture.

  • Engineering

    The Engineering Classes explore age appropriate areas of
    -Integrated circuits,

  • Religious Education

    Our Religion Curriculum is guided by the six tasks of catechesis as outlined in The National Directory of Catechesis they are:
    • Promoting knowledge of faith.
    • Promoting knowledge and meaning of the liturgy and the Sacraments.
    • Promoting moral formation in Jesus Christ.
    • Teaching...

  • Technology

    The Technology Classes explore age appropriate areas of Computer Science including
    -Computer Programming (coding),
    -Responsible Digital Citizenship,
    -Internet Safety,
    -Equipment Care,
    -Drawing Programs and Research skills;
    to name a few.